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Chapter 1

Title: Strangers with RENT
Rating: Pg-13
Pairings: SWC: Chuck/Geoffrey, Jerri/others, RENT: Mark/Roger, Maureen/Joanne
Disclaimer: I own nothing.
A/N: This story is the insane love child of 

outkast_choir89 and bohemian815  Any words spelled wrong while being sad or thought by Jerri are done so to show her pronunciation.
Summary: While on the run Jerri, Chuck, Geoffrey, and Onyx make their way to New York, and run into the Boho's.



It was two weeks into their new life on the run, that Blackman decided that every criminal needed a hideout.

Noblet, who was never really one to disagree with their principal/leader, agreed quickly in earnest. Jellineck, who was never one who liked to be left out, also agreed eagerly.

Jerri on the other hand was not so easily swayed.

"Come on me ameeeygoooes, we need to go where the money is. The moolah, the green, the cash....", She trailed off staring into space, and drooling. "The horse, The smack, The C, The coke, The glint, The weed...mmmmm."

Blackman unfazed snapped his fingers in front of her face.

"BLANK, this is no time for your deranged fantasies. ", he fixed the lapels of his coat smugly, as if he’d just made a spectacular point.

"Listen here cap-e-tawn, I know the streets like the back o’ me hand." To make a statement she raised her hand only to find herself looking at it strangely. "Whaaa?"

"Jerri’s right Onyx, she’s been a filthy prostitute longer then us."

"Probably longer than I’ve been alive!", Geoffrey added cheerily.

"Ok then Blank, where should we go?"

"News Ork!" She screeched happily.

Blackman looked at her skeptically before breaking out into a grin.

"New York it is!"


"Hey Rog, have you seen my scarf?"

Roger looked up from his guitar. "No."

Mark sighed. "Great."

He paused.

"Get dressed Rog we have to meet everyone at the Life in....half an hour. Fuck, I thought we had more time."

Roger smiled as Mark stepped back into his room. Lifting up the couch cushion, he pulled the long navy and white stripped scarf out.

"Hey Marky, I found your scarf!"


By the time they reached the Life Cafe they were only forty five minuets late. The second they stepped into the crowded building they quickly realized a riot had broken out.

"Whats does ya mean I can’t eats here?" a short stocky blonde girl shouted.

Mark pulled out his camera, and quickly began filming.

"Because Mam you’re not wearing any shoes!" Mark angled his camera downwards, and to his, and everyone else’s, dismay she was in fact not wearing anything to cover her hideous feet.

"But I gots money!", she screeched waving around rectangular strips of green paper.

"That’s not even real!", someone shouted.

It wasn’t.

"Pookie!!!!!" Maureen yelled, bounding over from her table.

The stocky blonde stopped arguing to stare at the drama queen.

"Hi...Owww." she was cut off by a tall well dressed black man.

"Hello.", he said raising as impossibly thin eyebrow.

Maureen stood wide eyed before smiling. "Hi." the brunette said huskily.


"What Rog, I wasn’t doing anything. God." she then turned to look at the man. "I’m Maureen."


"Do you wanna sit with me, and my friends?" Mark had to keep himself from stopping her.


That’s how it started.



April 2007

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