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Chapter 2


Title: Strangers with RENT
Rating: Pg-13
Pairings: SWC: Chuck/Geoffrey, Jerri/others, RENT: Mark/Roger, Maureen/Joanne
Disclaimer: I own nothing.
A/N: This story is the insane love child of 

</a></font></b></a>outkast_choir89 and </a></font></b></a>bohemian815  Any words spelled wrong while being sad or thought by Jerri are done so to show her pronunciation.
Summary: While on the run Jerri, Chuck, Geoffrey, and Onyx make their way to New York, and run into the Boho's.

It only took Chuck Noblet less than a minute to realize that his mentor was missing. He scanned the room and spotted Principal Blackman with a large group of what looked like a bunch of homeless people. ‘Oh no,’ Noblet thought, ‘They’ve tricked him into giving them change.’ He decided to grab Geoffrey and Jerri before risking his life for his boss. He found Jerri first. She was hitting on this big black woman. He began to make his way to her when a certain art teacher caught his eye.

Geoffrey was chatting up a young rock start wannabe and Chuck did not like it one bit. The guy was at least 20 years younger than Chuck and he had short blonde hair. His eyes were accentuated we dark eyeliner. Chuck forgot about his former student and stomped his way to Geoffrey’s side.

It took Geoffrey Jellineck a couple of minutes to realize that Roger had stopped listening to him and instead was looking past his shoulder. Geoffrey turned around to see a fuming Chuck Noblet. Geoffrey, the naïve man he was, could not fathom why Chuck was looking so frustrated. “Umm…Chuck, are you alright?” Geoffrey asked hesitantly.



“Why don’t you introduce me to your…friend?” Chuck said and hurt was evident in his voice when he said the word “friend”.


“Oh! Chuck this is Roger Davis. He’s a rock star.” If Chuck was not pissed before he was now. Is that what Geoffrey wanted? Something he would never be?  Before he could say anything more, a loud crash was heard throughout the café. Everyone turned towards the sound and the sight was not a pretty one.

 “Carry on my wayward son!” Jerri Blank sand loudly and off key. She was obviously drunk, or high, or both. Blackman sighed and got up to help the whore. He tried to grab her arm, but she evaded him and ended up on the floor. Blackman motioned for Noblet and Jellineck to help him. Between the three of them they got her up and
standing on her own two feet.

Noblet and Jellineck lead her to the exit while Blackman said goodbye to his newfound friends.

 “I have to go and deal with the junkie whore over there.” He said to Maureen. She sighed dramatically and then her eyes lit up with the most brilliant of ideas.

 “Do you guys have anywhere to stay? I mean it doesn’t matter where you stay. Just what place.”

 “Well we just got here tonight and we haven’t really thought this plan through.  So I guess we’re homeless at the moment…why?” Blackman asked with a bit of hope in his voice.

”Well why don’t you guys stay with me? I have more than enough room and that way you could hang out with all of us.”

 “That’s a wonderful idea.” Onyx said as he began to sit down again.

 “Principal Blackman!” Noblet yelled while trying to hold back an escaping Blank.

 “Oh right. I really must go now. One problem, I don’t know where you live or how to get around.”

 “That’s okay, we’ll go with you now and I’ll show you around my place.” Maureen winked at that and got up. The rest of her group grumbled about leaving, but got up as well. 

Outside, they all said their goodbyes to Maureen and scheduled to hang out tomorrow. Roger pulled Geoffrey aside and spoke in hushed tones, but he was loud enough that everyone could hear him.

 “I hope this means we’ll be seeing more of each other. Much more.” Geoffrey blushed as he walked off.

 “THE AUDACITY!” Noblet yelled as they began following Maureen. They all looked at him. “What?” He asked sheepishly. Onyx simply glared and put his arm around his new friend while Noblet and Jellineck carted a very intoxicated Blank.



April 2007

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